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ConsCent is bridging the “access” gap between content companies and their consumers through easy and frictionless payments, superior audience understanding, recommending content to segmented user sets, and delivering personalised messaging and campaigns

Why ConsCent exists

Content is keenly perused and eagerly consumed, but reluctantly paid for. It’s compensation has, in part or full, come indirectly from advertisers, as they helped to keep subscription rates low. This double-revenue model of high advertising revenue and low subscription worked well for 150 years. But now, it’s changing.The pandemic-induced strain on advertising budgets, coupled by change in consumer’s increased desire for on-demand, rapid gratification has driven the content firms globe over to reconsider their user led revenue models.


What we do

What we do

ConsCent facilitates a powerful ‘direct-to-consumer’ flow for media, gaming and streaming platforms for maximising revenue through a decentralised network of paying customers. We process over ten million premium content visits every day for some of the world’s largest content platforms. Our innovative event based solution gives product teams the ability to better understand, engage, convert and retain their consumers on both the web and mobile.

Easy to integrate, free to use; ConsCent’s flexible paywalling solutions and one integrated dashboard enables teams to learn from their data and make real-time decisions to win in a competitive market.





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Our leaders

Our leaders

Sunny Sen

Founder and CEO

Preeti Lalotra

Co-founder and CRO

Our Team

We are a team that constantly questions, thinks, and challenges to unlock creativity every single day

Akhil Varma

Tech Lead

Suman Singh

Senior Front End Developer

Pushpankar Kiran

Quality Assurance Engineer

Sourav Yadav

Senior Product Manager

Vishal Singh Chauhan

User Experience Desingner

Edwerd Nishanth

Senior UI/UX Designer

Shruti Jain

Head of Content and Digital Marketing

Sammi Kumar

Graphic Designer

Gaurav Singh

Senior Video Editor

Kapil Kumar

Senior Accountant

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