Discover user patterns and habits

ConsCent provides cohort analysis, conversion funnels, profile data, and inactive user monitoring. Use our audience segmentation solution to categorise visitors real-time to enhance revenue.

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Understand users to reduce churn and enrich the conversion funnel

  • Visualise digital behaviour across your platform
  • Map consumption patterns across user interests, devices, location, among others
  • Detect friction areas, and remove them
  • Keep track of most engaging premium content
  • Run superior targeting to better conversions

Build, manage, and personalise digital identities for superior targeting

  • Manage user identities across logged-in and anonymous users
  • Build user segments to personalise marketing and content engagement
  • Track and target users as they navigate through your platform
  • Create user cohorts to run custom campaigns
  • Target paying users across the ConsCent partner network

Customise user journeys for specific audience segments

  • Build user journeys for various user segments
  • Create multiple touch-points at different levels of a journey
  • Engage better with smarter, more targeted campaigns
  • Run A/B testing on campaigns for better outcome
  • Convert users from window shoppers into paying customers

Improve retention by discovering user patterns

  • Create cohorts of your low-retention and high-retention users and compare them.
  • Determine the variables that contribute to increased retention
  • Assist more customers get addicted to your platform
  • Analyse campaigns and recommendations, and optimise for better outcome
  • Change and augment nudges at every step for better retention

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