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Product Launch: ConsCent introduces an E-Publishing Solution for Publishers

Published on 16 Nov 2022 | Team ConsCent | 4 mins read

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An innovative digital publishing solution that closes the gap between end users and e-platforms when it comes to the user experience. Making it easier for users to engage and convert.

People enjoy reading newspapers. They have been a consistent source of information and knowledge for readers of all ages, occupations, geographies, ethnicities, and demographics. Publishers have always relied on newspapers as their primary source of revenue, but since the internet came along, both editorial content and ad revenue are quickly moving online.

Therefore, having an electronic newspaper edition is a "must" for publishers. Especially since 2020, there has been a massive uptake in the readership of e-papers. As per industry estimates, 80% of the digital subscriptions sold in India are because of e-papers, and this trend will continue to grow. In this situation, there are three main things a publisher needs to do to grow along with the trend:

  1. A fully functioning e-paper that lets users access the daily newspaper without compromising on the experience
  2. A tool for collecting data from an e-paper audience, which can then be used to create user journeys and engage with them more effectively.
  3. A paywalling solution that supports dynamic and hybrid methods of monetisation while attracting a wider audience

Introducing ConsCent’s E-Reader Solution for Publishers

ConsCent's E-Reader solution is the world's first digital publishing solution for publishers that effectively bridges the gap of access and experience between its digital audience. It enables better monetisation and user understanding for publishers in order to assist them in their search for the next big revenue opportunity.

ConsCent's SMART E-Reader is the first digital publishing system of its kind, combining publishing, analytics, interaction, and monetisation capabilities, eliminating the need for publishers to work with five separate vendors for e-paper publishing, data collection, data analysis, marketing automation, and a paywalling solution.

A brief video introducing ConsCent's Smart E-Reader Solution.

Key Benefits of ConsCent’s E-Reader Solution for Digital Publishers

a) Full control over the publishing process with the Identity Access Management (IAM) System

Our unique IAM system lets you manage member identities, assign roles, and keep track of the entire upload process without compromising on security.

b) Prevent data and content leakage

Our page and access settings are designed exclusively for publishers to help them minimise data and content leakages during the publishing process and afterwards.

ConsCent’s E-Reader Solution prevents data leakage
ConsCent’s E-Reader Solution prevents data leakage

c) A delightfully easy-to-use user interface

Give your users the best possible reading experience. Let them preview your e-paper, access the archive, navigate between the various editions or sub-editions, and much more.

Preview of ConsCent’s Smart E-Reader Solution
Preview of ConsCent’s Smart E-Reader Solution

d) Monetise efficiently with an array of paywalls to choose from

From micropayments to subscriptions, you can offer readers multiple payment options. In addition to letting the user pay for the daily edition of your e-paper, ConsCent also offers both hybrid and dynamic paywalling options to maximise paywall conversions.

Various Array of Paywall available with ConsCent’s Smart E-Reader Solution
Various Array of Paywall available with ConsCent’s Smart E-Reader Solution

e) Analyse your e-paper user behaviour, create segments, and engage better

Data will play an important role in a publisher's digital growth in the future, and e-papers are uniquely positioned to gather quality data for publishers. The ConsCent Smart E-Reader Solution provides you with basic analytics to map your user count, collect their important information for future reference, create dynamic segments, and drive better conversion through an array of engagement methods.

Why choose ConsCent E-Reader Solution over other digital publishing solutions in the market?

If you are considering upgrading from your current digital publishing partner, look no further. ConsCent delivers a more powerful suite of solutions all wrapped in one which will serve all your needs from just one ultimate dashboard.

ConsCent Digitial Publishing Solution Vs Others

User Guide: How to use ConsCent’s Intelligent E-Reader Solution

Getting Started with our cutting-edge E-Reader solution is simple and really easy to understand. Here’s a step-by-step video tutorial on how to get started with it right from your ConsCent dashboard:

ConsCent E-Reader Solution Demo: How to Use

ConsCent integrated solution is a single platform that provides many solutions ranging from monetisation to engagement, retention, and analytics, allowing publishers to visualise and manage their users' complete lifecycle.

Join the content monetisation revolution. Request a free demonstration of our e-reader solution today!

Published By Team ConsCent

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