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Outlook India transforms reader behaviour by embracing ConsCent's Pay-Per-Content solution | Grows average monthly paying user base by 62%

Published on 28 Mar 2022 | Team ConsCent | 2 mins read

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About Outlook India

Outlook India is the country's second-largest English-language weekly magazine.

"A one-size-fits-all strategy" was limiting Outlook’s subscription revenue

Outlook India, predominantly with a print lineage of 25 years, over the last decade has been transitioning to a digital-first platform. The transition has only been fast-tracked since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Its content, which was free on its website and mobile application for over two decades, was put behind a subscription in 2020. Outlook wanted to significantly increase the number of people who pay for its services and make its premium content available to more people six months later.

Pay-Per-Content and User Growth: A match made in heaven

In March 2021, Outlook India started Pay-Per-Content with ConsCent. ConsCent supported Outlook India's user acquisition and reader revenue growth with an interoperable wallet connected to a universal login. Outlook is also using ConsCent's audience segmentation campaign management technology to get more fleeting users, to read its premium content.

What did Outlook Achieve

Outlook India's success as a category leader with a global audience is mainly due to the variety of its content and readers. As advertising is the primary source of revenue for Outlook India, the company has chosen to opt against implementing a blanket paywall over all online content. Rather, it offers a combination of free daily content and subscription-based premium magazine content via pay-per-content and subscription options.

Outlook's reader revenue plan continues forward; Pay-Per-Content is a key component

• Use ConsCent's segmentation tools to focus on providing a tailored experience.

• Increase premium content engagement by leveraging ConsCent's recommendation algorithms, which are based on distinct behavioural patterns.

• Using ConsCent's multi-tiered paywalling and analytics tools, you can build, track, and monetize a larger pool of readers.

• Convert paying customers to subscribers over time to create a long-term revenue stream.

"At Outlook, we strongly believe that reader revenue is the future of good journalism. Once we launched our subscription on Outlook India, sometime in the middle of 2020, we also wanted our premium content to be widely accessed by readers who were not willing to commit long term on Day 1.

ConsCent’s pay-per-content solution helped us increase our number of paying users, capture the right intended users, and even launch pay-per-content in 99 countries with one single integration. Over time, we have taken ConsCent’s solution to our other brands like Outlook Business and Outlook Money. "

Indranil Roy, CEO, Outlook Group

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Published By Team ConsCent

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