Agile and frictionless payments

to enhance your content’s net worth

ConsCent’s adaptable paywall — enabled with a universal login and an interoperable wallet — reduces payment friction with an easy one-click checkout in 99 different currencies. Track payments, user behaviour, conversion funnels, and drop offs through ConsCent’s partner dashboard, built with reimagined analytics for the content universe.

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Payment methods to suit your business needs

We offer a wide range of highly customizable payment solutions – pay-per-content to passes to subscriptions – for content companies of all kinds.

Affordable access with pay-per-content

There is no such thing as a one-price-fits-all. Price each piece of content separately and allow each visitor to sample your content. Get more paying users.

Boost usage with Passes

Allow access to a larger content bank for a week, two weeks, or a month at a lesser rate. Filter the funnel’s most intended customers

Seal the deal with yearly subscriptions

Offer subscriptions to your loyal customers to get exclusive access to your entire bouquet of premium content. Target micropayers to become subscribers.

Never let a user drop
off the revenue funnel again

Faster checkout with Universal login-in

ConsCent believes in being true to the nature of the internet, allowing users to jump from one URL to another without the hassle of several logins. Once logged into the ConsCent world, a user can make fast payouts from their pre-loaded wallet

Create one-time user log-in

Smooth API integration in just 30 mins

Our integration is through simple SDKs to get you up and running quickly. Using ConsCent means no more legacy system maintenance and increased focus on understanding customers and enhancing revenue

Customisable Paywallfor your website and apps

It’s simple. Your content, your customer, your data.then why should your paywall look unfamiliar? ConsCent lets you customise your paywall to suit the UI of your platform

Paywall Customisation: Best Practices

Receive payments securely from international customers in over 99+ currencies

ConsCent accepts payments in 99 currencies. This allows our partner platforms to offer differential pricing in different parts of the world. This also allow users from all over the world unlock premium content and pay only for what they consume in their local currency at no extra cost.

Hasslefree and automated payment settlements

ConsCent allows our partners to raise their invoices straight from the dashboard to have better visibility of revenue and settle it securely through an automated process. Payouts directly to partner bank accounts.

Get data real-time with ConsCent webhooks

Monitor user data and payments real time. ConsCent sends notifications to your database about payments and user additions, as well as on authorised and failed payments. Receive alerts and data inputs for a wide range of live events taking place on your platform.

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